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Terror in the Flesh is a Nia Riddle quick-listen book that dives into the grim world of serial killers, examining the different types of killers, the most famous serial killers, and even how to protect yourself from these skinwalker-like monsters that blend into society effortlessly in some cases.

Nia Riddle House conducts psychological research into developing things like education and organizational structure. Every Nia Riddle quick-listen book helps in our mission to amuse and edify the world!


Some people will do anything for power.

The Klimmings family has built an empire in the realms of both politics and business. When the United States faces a crushing recession, Peter Klimmings struggles to find a balance between running the country and guiding his family, who are not without problems of their own. As his son’s marriage is pushed to the brink, Peter is faced with no choice but to take drastic actions that will affect everyone around him. While the country and the rest of the world watch, the Klimmings family faces outside forces that put the family dynasty at risk of collapse.

The debut novel by Samuel Voyles follows the Klimmings family and their family dealings, allowing the listener to escape reality and immerse themselves in the dysfunction of one of America's most powerful families.


Just as affable young Texan Marshall Morris is heading off to college, he tumbles into love with Mallory, a diminutive Black cheerleader. Prone to blunder innocently into predicaments he least expects, his romance threatens to crater when he befriends a crusty group of old vets bent on saving the teardown and desecration of a war memorial statues.

At first, he is clueless about how his narrow beliefs can negatively affect surrounding people who matter. It takes the painful loss of Mallory for him to experience an epiphany and recognize the folly of honoring false “heroes”, who upheld slavery and white supremacy.

The situation is vastly different, however, when a local developer attempts to destroy the sacred memorial of local Marine war hero, Sam Jacinto, to build a shopping center in his small town of Justice. The war is on. A motley band of old codgers and teenagers, armed with paintball guns and water hoses, dig a defensive perimeter around old Sam. Marshall and the creaky combatants fight a heated night time battle against the developer’s professional hit men to defend the statue. The spirit is willing, but the ragtag crew simply cannot hold off the mercenaries. The battle is lost unless Marshall Morris can somehow save the day.

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